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Time: Just after Adrien's re-capture
Place: Magadon, Inc, Los Angeles

"Beverly, you're supposed to have First Team backup going in there! You know what they said!" One of the nurses said in a frantic whisper as she grabbed for Beverly's hand on the patient's locked door.

"Oh come on, Mary, we've been looking after this guy for what? Two weeks now? He hardly even blinks. It'll take an hour for the First Team to get up here and that means we'll have to stop work on Mr. Jensen's room. Come on, it's just two little pills. Two measly little pills. What's he going to do?" Beverly waved the two pills in question in front of Mary's nose.

"Alright, fine. I hope you're right. I didn't see you do anything, you got it? Especially if Dr. Ferguson asks.

"Did I tell him about the time you had to leave early? Hmm?" Beverly smiled. "I'll be out in a second." She turned the lock on the door, and Mary hurried away.

Inside, Adrien sat in near total darkness. The room was nice enough. It looked more like a small, kitchen-less studio apartment than a hospital room, or it would if Adrien had bothered to turn on any of the lights. He hadn't bothered, though, and the only light came from the television, which was playing one of the Jurassic Park movies muted. Adrien sat in a recliner in front of the television, the same place he'd sat for the last three days. If nurses like Beverly hadn't come in to make him change clothes and shower, likely he wouldn't have moved at all. He didn't so much as blink when the door opened.

He did hiss slightly, under his breath, when nurse Beverly turned the overhead lights on. They were too bright. Much too bright. That's why he'd turned them off. Much too bright. They'd been too bright there, with her, too. Mustn't say anything, though. The nurses always came with an esc...oh wait. She was alone today.

His voice was rough from disuse and nearly devoid of emotion. "You came alone today, Beverly." He didn't stop staring at the dinosaurs on the screen. Didn't so much as blink.

But Beverly was starting to feel anxious. She'd never heard him talk before. He never even acknowledged her presence. She didn't even know he knew her name. "I...I just this one dose of medicine to give you, Mr. Griffon, and then I'll be on my way."

"Come sit with me, Beverly." On screen, a familiar bespectacled programmer talked to a chirping, man-sized dinosaur.

"No, I don't think I should, Mr. Griffon. Nancy's waiting on me outside." She backed away, medicine forgotten. Something was wrong. She just wanted out. Now.

"Come. Sit with me." The dinosaur reared back and hissed, displaying a huge, lizard-like frill. Adrien never moved, never blinked. Never even changed his tone of voice.

Before she knew what she was doing, Beverly found herself sitting in his lap. She was starting to get frantic. "I really should be going now, Mr. Griffon..."

"Adrien, please, ma chere." The dinosaur sprayed venom on its prey. The pudgy programmer screamed, but it was too late to get away. As it was too late for Beverly.

"Adrien. I should be going. Nancy's really waiting for me just outside." She squirmed, but did not try to get up. Some unseen force prevented her from even thinking about the movement.

"No she's not. I would know if she were there. She left before you entered my room." Now he moved. His arms wrapped around her, pressing her luscious curves against him. One hand pulled her hair out of the way, and then she could feel his breath on her neck.

"P...Please. Adrien. I j...just came in here to give you your medicine." She tried to shrink away. She let out a short squeal of terror when his tongue darted out to taste the pulse point on her throat.

"I don't need it. It is useless. Surely you knew that, coming in here?" He kissed her neck softly. One hand moved to grasp her, lightly, under her knees, and he lifted her as easily as a baby. His laughter did nothing to drown out her screams. It would do her no good. Adrien had noted, many times, that no one raised an alarm, even if gunshots sounded from this room. Perhaps they housed dangerous patients here often. He laid her gently on his bed and grabbed her flailing hands. They were held above her head in a crushing grip. He came down on top of her, pinning her down, and her screams this time were muffled by a deep kiss.

But when he pulled back, there was rage in his eyes. Brown hair, like hers. Brown eyes. Beautifully tanned. Adrien snarled, revealing long fangs. He let go of her hands and twisted her neck brutally to the side, nearly breaking it in his rage. His fangs ripped her jugular open, and more blood got on the bed than inside the vampire, but feeding had never been the point. He would show them. He would tolerate their needles and their prodding, but the would not dare, ever, send her in here again.

* * * * * * *

Hours later, the body of the dead nurse was found by the next shift. Adrien was back in his chair, unmoving. The only evidence he'd ever moved was the blood soaking his upper body.


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