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Ah the press of humanity around him. How he'd missed it. Walking down Sunset, bumping into the rich and famous, sometimes literally, as everyone hurried to one club or another, he laughed out loud. Ah, this was nice. Away from the minions of the  - shudder - werewolf. Ugh. They were still watching him, he could feel it. He saw them darting out of sight, out of the corners of his eyes. He could feel them watching him. Testing him. Testing...something. He frowned. Hard.

The last two weeks were a blur. He couldn't even remember if he'd eaten during that time, and the cramps he was doing his best to ignore convinced him he probably hadn't. He suppressed a snarl. How dare that animal tell him what to do? No, no. The beast had been his captor. Controlled everything. Might still be controlling everything. He looked around nervously at the humans around him. They were staring at him. Oh, oh. The shoulder holster was showing. Oops. He looked around again. Cop. Copcopcopcop. He darted into a club in the middle of a throng of twenty-somethings.

They'd done something to him. Despite his murderous threats, despite killing two of them, they'd messed with him somehow, and he couldn't figure out how. The drones, and really that's what they were, drones under that beast's control, had been in his mind, he knew it. Maybe that's how they were following him. Maybe they planted one of their computer chips in his brain. Didn't they do that to dogs? He couldn't remember. He couldn't remember a lot of things. Like...where had he been before the not-a-hospital? Who had he been with? He couldn't remember. He snarled in frustration. And hunger. Ow. Fuck, he was hungry. Like, grab a bite to eat NOW hungry. Okay, first things first, find someone to eat. He couldn't very well bite anyone out on the dance floor. They were watching him. Bathrooms it was, then.

Womens' bathroom, specifically. Hell if he'd endure whatever that smell was in the mens' bathroom. Besides, there was only one woman in here. Perfect. Five minutes later, he left a clueless woman unconscious in a stall, apparently passed out from too much to drink. Ahhh. Better. But he still couldn't remember anything any better. Ugh.

He looked down at the folder he was holding. He'd grabbed it when he left. When they let him leave, he corrected himself. When they let him leave. It was his folder. All the information they had on him. All neatly typed up and in their computer. There was someone he wanted to call for this. Who...? Pep...Pepper? Ugh! No! The thought startled him and he blinked. Pepper was...someone...that should disgust him? Shouldn't she? He blinked and frowned harder. No, that wasn't right.

From three tables away, a Pentex First team watched the vampire. The psychic was focused on him completely. She gasped and paled. "He's fighting it. The conditioning is reinforcing the budding delusion about the company. Shit!" She said that last bit too loud. She knew it the instant it left her mouth.

Adrien glared straight at her. His eyes met hers, and it was as if the room suddenly grew dark. No, monsters crawled out of every shadow, making it dark. She screamed. Too dark! It was too dark! They were going to get her! Her partner tried futilely to keep her quiet, and she fought him. She screamed and ran out the door. Her partner turned to follow her...And ran straight into Adrien's fist.

Adrien made his escape in the resulting chaos, following the trail of confusion left by the woman he'd driven insane. Past startled taxi drivers. Past even more startled limo drivers. Across the street. Through a crowd of college students, and into an alley. There she sat, huddled into a corner next to the dumpster. This was too easy. He pointed his gun at her. "Who else is following me?"

"Shh! Please! They'll hear you! Quiet!" She huddled even closer to the dumpster.

He fished in the holster for the gun's silencer. He fired a warning shot next to her. "I won't ask again. Who. Else. Is. Following. Me?"

"The rest of the team is...they were in the van. Oh my god! What'd those things do to them? Oh my god!" She fumbled for a radio in her jacket. Before she could speak into it, he shot her. Once, neatly, right in the middle of her forehead. Professional. He smiled. He picked up the radio.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll keep the hell away from me. Tell your boss I'm coming for him." He turned the radio off and threw it as hard as he could against the wall. It shattered. Adrien disappeared from view right as the rest of the Pentex team moved in on the alley. He grinned at the curses he heard as he left them behind and found a taxi.

Miles away, Adrien walked into a far different bar. This one was a dark, hole in the wall place. He smiled and stepped up to the bar to order a beer that he wouldn't drink. He was still hungry, and he wanted a good meal this time. Something satisfying. Unconsciously, he stroked a knife as he watched the bar from a booth near the door.
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