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Last night, I got a post from a random person on Jareth's journal, asking a fairly innocent question. I wasn't insulted until I looked at her journal to figure out who she was and read the only post there:

So I've been reading a lot of stories lately, both fanfiction and regular, where an author will take a perfectly good story and ruin it somehow. Whether it is through Mary Sues and Garry Stues, characters randomly flipping out of character, rushed storyline, plot holes, mysterious miracles that no one comments on, breaking the forth wall, or add a sequel where it isn't needed. I am sick of it. I can understand an occasional small plot hole, an extra tidbit where the forth wall is broken, or trying to make a good sequel to a story that you love, but the legendary amount of screw ups held inside some of these stories and the sheer number of stories containing all these screw ups sickens me to no end. I've been desperately looking for good stories, if anyone on here can recommend some good stories to me I'd be very grateful.

Considering Jareth's journal is the only one she's posted comments on (a whole three lifetime comments posted, folks!) I am a little insulted. I don't know who she is, don't really care. If I wasn't an asshole, I would point out that the entire point I write is not to entertain her, but to entertain ME. I don't really give a shit whether she stomps her foot and says "It's not supposed to BE like that!" I do, however, care that I seemed to be the only one singled out like this. I would like to hope that people I write with on a daily basis would be so kind as to tell me when my writing sucks. I really do like to know. My characters may be psychic, but I most definitely am not.

Please don't take this as me being mad at anyone I write with! I'm not! You all are wonderful. I'm just irritated that someone I don't seem to know posted from what looks to be a sock puppet account in order to not tell me I suck.

So, whoever you are: Get a LIFE. Get a CLUE. Learn to RP. Quit taking LJ writing so seriously. Kthnx.

I don't have a fuck you icon, so you get the orly? icon instead.


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