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I've realized, far too late, that I've taken Adrien to an extreme that I never should have done. He never should have been merged with VtM. Never should have been anything other than what he was, a mob hitman with a taste for blood and a slight issue with dark-haired women. I'm really not sure what to do about it now. If I could go back and erase the last year (jeez, has it really been a year?), I would, but he's been in a lot of roleplay with a lot of other people since then, and I'm not sure what to do.

I'm open to ideas. What I'd like to do is have him closer to his original concept.

I don't know if the TN mods will allow it, but if they do, I had the idea that perhaps, in order to keep out of sight of nosy Feds, Adrien went underground shortly after his night on the beach with Pepper and pretty much mind-fucked some poor schmuck vampire off the street that looked very similar to him into thinking he was Adrien. Adrien, the true Adrien, was indeed a type of monster in his human life, but not nearly as unhinged as the Malkavian that Adrien accidentally set loose. When he hears about the problems the double has been causing in Los Angeles, he returns to LA from a mob safe-house in Chicago. The double is far too unhinged to allow to live, and so he's killed. Adrien stays in LA to clean up the mess.

Interesting to note: Differences between the "double" and Adrien's original concept:

1) The "double" has no addiction to vampire blood, and Adrien is hopelessly addicted.
2) Adrien, in his original form, is not Malkavian, or even truly insane. He's a planner who does things very deliberately and prefers to be two or three steps ahead of his adversaries. His early childhood created, not an out-of-control monster, but a young man with a willingness to do whatever it takes to win.
3) The "double" is actually stronger, mentally, but gifted with slightly different powers than Adrien himself. The true Adrien is much stronger physically, the result of centuries of practice and natural ability. The true Adrien relies on physical strength before mental trickery, as he finds the gifts to be untrustworthy and unreliable. Case in point: His double.
4) While his double kills with all the finesse of a rabid dog, the true Adrien is very neat, even when the victim is a personal one. Cuts are precise, blood is drained via tubes and stored for future use, and the pain he inflicts is used to impart a unique taste to the blood. Victims usually succumb within a few days from blood loss, even though he is able to heal their wounds slightly (similar to the ability Anne Rice vampires have to heal mortal injury with a bit of their blood). The only marks he leaves on his victims are deliberately left there. They are always neat, surgical, and almost always include a griffin somewhere on the chest area. This is especially the case for mob victims.
5) Both have quick tempers, and both are very, very easily driven to the point of frenzy. The true Adrien remembers these episodes as if they were a dream. While the "double" has paranoid frenzies, in which he strikes out at the one or ones featuring in the delusion of the month, the true Adrien has no such delusions, he just wants to see blood.
6) Perhaps the biggest difference is that Adrien knows he relies on keeping mortals in the dark about vampires, and his "double" often is too frenzied to care.


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