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I've realized, far too late, that I've taken Adrien to an extreme that I never should have done. He never should have been merged with VtM. Never should have been anything other than what he was, a mob hitman with a taste for blood and a slight issue with dark-haired women. I have an idea to bring him a little closer to that original concept, but it is a little extreme and I would love feedback from people I've RPed with before I go ahead with it. This is my rough draft of it:

Time: Shortly after this thread.

In June of 2009, Adrien Donatien Molyneux started receiving very worrying news, not only from the FBI, who had him on their most wanted list and were drawing closer, but also from vampires who knew where to find him and knew of his addiction to vampire blood. As the death threats poured in, Adrien came up with a brilliant, mad scheme to get them off his back. Let them kill him.

To that end, he used mob contacts to find a vampire of a similar age and possessing similar abilities who could be altered by one of the many money-hungry plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area to resemble Adrien. Then, the real work began. Brainwashing the Malkavian was a long, arduous process, but necessary if he wanted the vampires off his back permanently. A simple look-alike would never fool the mind-readers stalking him. It took Adrien days to erase the vampire's original memories and implant his own, instead. After it was done, Adrien was left exhausted and nearly dead. His driver and sometimes-butler, Andre, made sure he was in the pre-prepared coffin and shipped to his family's lands in France, where he was able to recover in peace.

Once recovered, Adrien went into hiding. The same mob contacts that had been used to produce his double were used to find a safe hiding place for Adrien, among the Chicago Crime Family, who were looking to expand into Los Angeles. Adrien spent months in a safe house in Chicago, even through the news that Los Angeles was suffering from a virulent plague. Even through the news from the underground that it wasn't a plague at all, but an uprising of vampires. Especially through the rumors of who (or what) broke the siege in that city.

It wasn't until news of "Adrien's" take-over of Frost Industries that Adrien began making plans for his return to Los Angeles. When his double disappeared completely, Adrien took action. The double would have to go, but more importantly, no one could find out he had the ability to brainwash another vampire's mind so thoroughly or he'd be done for. He comes back to Los Angeles armed with the latest FBI reports (which still do not show his double's new haircut), intelligence from mob contacts who are suspicious of his claims that the double is a psychopath copycat, and news reports of Pepper's recent wedding plans and injury.

Adrien catches the double hanging around the hospital Pepper is in. The double is completely delusional, but Adrien tries hard to get as much information as he can from the vampire before killing him. Adrien is left trying to pick up the pieces with the Camarilla, Frost, the Mob, and the Feds.

Some Notes:

1) Adrien knows very little of the details of what has been happening in Los Angeles in the last few months. His double was delusional, and so, while he knows the gist of what's been going on, he is suspicious of details. He only trusts what he's able to verify.
2) The vampires that wanted him dead are still around. Adrien's double was too much like him and managed to avoid them. They will cause him grief in the future.
3) The double was not addicted to vampire blood, but Adrien is. He will need it, and Frost's fodder followers are in short supply.
4) His double's rabid dog killing habits have alerted the cops.
5) Those same killing habits can NOT have been popular with the Camarilla that Adrien occasionally works for.

Some differences between Adrien and his double:

1) The "double" has no addiction to vampire blood, and Adrien is hopelessly addicted.
2) Adrien, in his original form, is not Malkavian, or even truly insane. He's a planner who does things very deliberately and prefers to be two or three steps ahead of his adversaries. His early childhood created, not an out-of-control monster, but a young man with a willingness to do whatever it takes to win.
3) The "double" is actually stronger, mentally, but gifted with slightly different powers than Adrien himself. The true Adrien is much stronger physically, the result of centuries of practice and natural ability. The true Adrien relies on physical strength before mental trickery, as he finds the gifts to be untrustworthy and unreliable. Case in point: His double.
4) While his double kills with all the finesse of a rabid dog, the true Adrien is very neat, even when the victim is a personal one. Cuts are precise, blood is drained via tubes and stored for future use, and the pain he inflicts is used to impart a unique taste to the blood. Victims usually succumb within a few days from blood loss, even though he is able to heal their wounds slightly (similar to the ability Anne Rice vampires have to heal mortal injury with a bit of their blood). The only marks he leaves on his victims are deliberately left there. They are always neat, surgical, and almost always include a griffin somewhere on the chest area. This is especially the case for mob victims.
5) Both have quick tempers, and both are very, very easily driven to the point of frenzy. The true Adrien remembers these episodes as if they were a dream. While the "double" has paranoid frenzies, in which he strikes out at the one or ones featuring in the delusion of the month, the true Adrien has no such delusions, he just wants to see blood.
6) Perhaps the biggest difference is that Adrien knows he relies on keeping mortals in the dark about vampires, and his "double" often is too frenzied to care.

So, Adrien would be changing to this:

Name: Adrien Griffon
Race: Vampire
Fandom: OC
Alignment: Evil
PB: Kiefer Sutherland
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