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I don't usually answer these things honestly, but this one amused me.

Who or what would I kill for?

Let's ignore, for the moment, that I kill when it amuses me, shall we? We'll focus instead on times when I'd kill for purpose other than my own fulfillment. Oui, it does happen. We can even title this list "How Not To Die By Adrien's Hand". And number one on the list?

Mess with people I consider mine at your own peril. So many people screw up when it comes to this one. Tsk tsk. I would think it would be obvious. If someone has caught my attention, leave them alone. It's not worth the trouble, mon ami. Trust me when I say you would not survive my wrath, were I to find out what you did.

Follow my orders. Simple. I give the order, you follow it. Ask questions if you like, but do not disobey me behind my back. I will find out, and when I do, I trust you'll remember that I was born into an era that was far more imaginative with punishments than this soft, modern world. I can make your last moments utter agony.

Don't double-cross me. I will find out, and when I do, one likes a traitor. Least of all me.

Know that I keep my contracts. If I've been paid to kill you, it will happen. Perhaps not today, not tomorrow, but soon. I'm a vampire. I can afford to be patient while hunting you. If it's any consolation, your death will be swift, unless I've been paid to make it hurt. My not make it into my work.

Above all, I keep the secrecy of my kind. If you're betraying the existence of vampires to the general population, you will die, along with anyone you've convinced. Consider this your warning.
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