Jan. 10th, 2010

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The bitch. She'd really done it. She chose him over me. How dare she? I stood there, staring at the phone in my hands. The message she'd left still played. I ignored it. It was just a bunch of excuses. Love? Ha! What the fuck did I care about her excuses? The point was, after everything I'd done, everything I'd sacrificed to make sure the world didn't go down in bloody flames and her precious Deacon Frost didn't get what was coming to him, they were off playing human lovers somewhere. She didn't say where. It didn't matter. I'd find her anyway.

I dialed a number. The phone rang. And rang. It went to voicemail. I hadn't expected her to answer. “Pepper, you sneaked away without saying goodbye.” I hung up. The next call was to the two guards I'd assigned to watch the lovers during the day. Had they allowed Pepper and Frost to think they escaped? Of course they did. The lovers went to the airport. They even had a name, a supervisor in charge, who would tell me where they went. With the right persuasion, of course. Ah, the work I loved. Should I put him under and make him tell me before or after I'd cut away the skin from his face?

Ah, hell, why should I let something so petty as his death spoil my fun? Best to get answers from him first.

I chuckled softly as I put away various knives. I'm coming for you, Pepper.

* * * * * * *

Midnight, two nights later. I stood outside their hotel. The humans around me avoided me, though they never knew why they moved. Obfuscate. So useful. I would have to get my sire to teach me more of it before I killed him. Another thing I had yet to finish. But first...

I entered their room. It wasn't hard. The human who let me in wouldn't even remember why she opened the door. I stopped for a moment and listened to them. Two hearts beating nearby in the suite. Two warm bodies, full of blood, breath slow in sleep. The smell of their sex was a sour stench masking the more perfect odor of their blood. Quietly, I looked around the room.

Typical lovers. Their clothes littered the floor. Quietly, I picked hers up and folded them neatly over a chair. There, on the bathroom counter, an array of makeup was laid, ready for her in the morning. The perfume reminded me so much of her. I pocketed it. I crept quietly past their bed. Even in sleep, he curled about her protectively. I bared fangs. Pepper, mon amour, will you even realize how many times I could have killed your lover this night while you slept so peacefully in his arms?

I caressed her cheek softly, the barest of touches, and it seemed she smiled in her sleep. I brushed hair from her face and laid a light kiss upon that soft cheek. So beautiful. Why did she have to betray me so? Even now, I wished I could hold her in my arms. I longed to hear her soft murmurs of pleasure. Pleasure I caused! I glared across at Deacon Frost and bared fangs.

So this. This is the mighty Deacon Frost, who once had the arrogance to threaten my life if I so much as touched his Pepper. Asleep in the arms of his lover, smelling of sweat, sex...and weakness. He was so human. So frail. And that threat made so long ago meant nothing to me now. How would he stop something that would own his very mind?

Her jewelry was laid neatly on a dresser. The necklace I gave her was there, the one Isabel had worn. It, too, was slipped into my pocket. That belonged to me, to remind me of her. Of her betrayal. She never did change, did she? There she lay, new face, same habits.

I pulled a candle from my jacket and sat it on the dresser. An envelope was laid next to it, with Pepper's name written neatly in my own old-fashioned script. Before I left, I lit the candle.

They didn't begin to wake until after I left. After the door was locked behind me by the helpful maid.

And in the envelope, should she care to open it? A lock of her hair, cut neatly with a razor-sharp knife while I stood there in the darkness admiring her beauty.
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