Jan. 21st, 2010

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This quiz amused me. Obviously, the darker side of human nature is hardly known to it?

What African Animal Are You?

1. How do you feel today? - Oui, it asked "How do you feel?" and offered...what choices exactly? This looks like something a moron nostalgic for the 60s would ask.
      * Energetic - Well, it didn't start off too bad. Energetic could be taken so many ways.
      * Inspired - Yawn. You and Michelangelo, mon ami Quiz-maker.
     * Thoughtful - Thoughtful...define this please. Taken in context with the rest of your choices. No, non, definitely not. Keep your peace on Earth to yourself, please.
      * Kind - *Bursts out laughing*
      * Peaceful - *Is still laughing from the previous choice and thus misses this one. It's for the best, really.*
2. What's your priority? - Myself? Is that so hard to put as an answer? Apparently so.
      * Your goals - Sort of. Almost there. But again, taken in context with the rest of the quiz? Non.
      * Your morals - ...What morals?
      * Making a difference in the world - Peace on Earth and good will towards men. *yawn*
      * Your religion or spirituality - No
      * Your friends and family - Because I am such a great family man, oui?
3. If you went to Africa, it would be: - I wouldn't. Hunting is terrible, people are still bloody superstitious, and half the countries there are at war. Hardly a relaxing getaway.
      * On a humanitarian mission - Is going there to kill people humanitarian? Probably not.
      * For the adventure of it - Oh yes. Something tells me you frown on big game hunts, Quiz-maker.
      * To travel everywhere and see everything - Sightseeing is overrated.
      * To find yourself - I was lost?
      * To connect with humanity's past - Pffft *Collapses into giggles*
4. You are proud of your ability to be: - Dangerous. These answers are almost there. But not close enough, I'm afraid.
      * Sneaky - By-product. To be engaged in carefully and controlled well, lest everything collapse like a house of cards.
      * Unique - Can't say I ever had such low self-esteem that I had to applaud my own differences. *yawn*
      * Affectionate - *laughs* 
      * Powerful - Getting there! Very close. Not quite, though.
      * Realistic - Duh?
5. Where would you most like to visit in Africa? - The airport? On my way someplace else?
      * Kenya - Okay, so maybe hunting big game might be fun.
      * Ghana - No
      * Egypt - That's what the History Channel is for, oui?
      * Morocco - Where?
      * South Africa - Non. Definitely not.


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