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META - And forward-dated like A LOT OMG
An IC/Meta response to God!Tommy
((I realize most can't read the French. They are well-known prayers taken from Catholic.Org, translated by them into French. The POINT is for anyone overhearing him to not understand what he's saying, so if you, the mun, are curious, run it through Google Translate, the translation is accurate enough.))

For days, Adrien had remained in Magadon's care, refusing to feed, to speak, or even to move. He stared at the walls of the medical facility and mumbled under his breath in French. For their part, the staff did everything they could to coax him out of the prison of his own mind, and when they failed they went about their business, summoning fomori and Dancer guards to watch Adrien should he get violent while they were tending him. Freshly scrubbed, hair trimmed neatly per order of the director, and dressed in a brand new suit, the Adrien that sat staring at the wall still managed to look just as lost and haunted as he did when he was pinned to Pepper's wall. And then, one day, before the test results could come back on his blood sample, he disappeared from his room. They should have expected his talent in mind manipulation and avoiding notice. They should have, but they didn't. Adrien was free, for now, without so much as a word preventing him from fleeing the country.

But he didn't even walk three blocks from Magadon's building. Something was in the air, something...strange. A tiny thread of something managed to slip past that impassive outer shell. Hope? Was that it? The barest trace of warmth on a mid-winter morning? He didn't even glance up, just stepped back from the line for the bus and walked towards a very different building from the one he left.

The outside of St. Vincent de Paul church in Los Angeles was familiar and comforting to the vampire. The parapets directed man's eyes upward, past stone saints and apostles, to the heavens and to God. That hadn't changed in the four hundred years since he'd last stepped foot inside a Church. The inside hadn't changed either, for all that this was the New World and not the ancient cathedral in Moulins. The wealth of God's kingdom was on display for all to see. It wasn't the decor that Adrien was concerned with, though, but the altar that stood tall in the front of the church. Would he burst into flames, as some of the legends suggested? He couldn't even find it in himself to be scared at the thought.

"Au nom du Père, et du Fils, et du Saint-Esprit." He knew the words, the gestures, so well. A touch to the forehead, to his heart, and to each shoulder when standing in front of the cross, and then he knelt in one of the pews in the back. "Je crois en Dieu, le Père tout-puissant, créateur du ciel et de la terre." I believe in God the Father, creator of Heaven and Earth. Did he? To his surprise, the answer was still, as it had been in his youth, yes. Despite the sins of centuries, here he knelt in God's house, and here he felt that old sense of peace and forgiveness. He knew this prayer so well, he spoke it with hardly a second thought. "Et en Jésus Christ, son Fils unique, notre Seigneur, qui a été conçu du Saint-Esprit, est né de la Vierge Marie, a souffert sous Ponce Pilate, a été crucifié, est mort et a été enseveli, est descendu aux enfers, le troisième jour est ressuscité des morts, est monté aux cieux, est assis à la droite de Dieu le Père tout-puissant, d'où il viendra juger les vivants et le morts. Je crois en l'Esprit Saint, à la sainte Église catholique, à la communion des saints, à la rémission des péchés, à la résurrection de la chair, à la vie éternelle."

When he finished, it was as if someone breathed life into the vampire. He could see again. He could feel, just a little. He looked around. There, a woman knelt and prayed, while her newborn slept in its carrier. Over there, a sick old man prayed for forgiveness. And walking towards him, a priest. Young, so young! Adrien shook his head. "I'm not ready for forgiveness, father. Maybe some other time." He rose and the words came unbidden to his lips. "Au nom du Père, et du Fils, et du Saint-Esprit. Amen"
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A little grammar, for those (especially people in WoW who may never read this) who have forgotten or never learned in the first place.

1. (the possessive case of who used as an adjective): Whose umbrella did I take? Whose is this one?
2. (the possessive case of which used as an adjective): a word whose meaning escapes me; an animal whose fur changes color.
3. the one or ones belonging to what person or persons: Whose painting won the third prize?

1. contraction of who is: Who's there?
2. contraction of who has: Who's seen it?

1. in or at that place ( opposed to here): She is there now.
2. at that point in an action, speech, etc.: He stopped there for applause.
3. in that matter, particular, or respect: His anger was justified there.
4. into or to that place; thither: We went there last year.
5. (used by way of calling attention to something or someone): There they go.
6. in or at that place where you are: Well, hi there.
7. (used to introduce a sentence or clause in which the verb comes before its subject or has no complement): There is no hope.
8. that place: He comes from there, too.
9. that point.
10. that state or condition: I'll introduce you to her, but you're on your own from there on.
11. (used for emphasis, esp. after a noun modified by a demonstrative adjective): Ask that man there.
12. (used to express satisfaction, relief, encouragement, approval, consolation, etc.): There! It's done.
Use there in a Sentence
See images of there
Search there on the Web

1. contraction of they are.

1. a form of the possessive case of they used as an attributive adjective, before a noun: their home; their rights as citizens; their departure for Rome.
2. (used after an indefinite singular antecedent in place of the definite masculine form his or the definite feminine form her ): Someone left their book on the table. Did everyone bring their lunch?

1. (a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective): Your jacket is in that closet. I like your idea. Compare yours.
2. one's (used to indicate that one belonging to oneself or to any person): The consulate is your best source of information. As you go down the hill, the library is on your left.
3. (used informally to indicate all members of a group, occupation, etc., or things of a particular type): Take your factory worker, for instance. Your power brakes don't need that much servicing.

1. contraction of you are: You're certain that's right?

1. Chiefly Literary . time past: knights of yore.
2. Obsolete . of old; long ago.

For you people in WoW: It is not hard to type out "please" instead of "plz", "thank you" instead of "ty", "you're welcome" with the fucking apostrophe RE instead of "yw", and for God's sake, learn the difference between the words defined above. Thank you and good night.
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Subject: 243.45A
Name: Adrien Donatien de Moulins
Aliases: Adrien Molyneux, Donatien Molyneux, Adrien de Moulins, Adrien de Moulines, Adrien de Molineus, Adrien d'Evereux, Donatien d'Evereux, Adrien de Beauvais, Adrien Trotteur, Donatien Trotteur, Adrien Griffon
DOB: December 21, 1537
Age: 472 
Sex: Male 
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135 lbs
Race: White
Nationality: French

Species: Vampire
Clan: Malkavian
Generation (approx.): 6th
Known Disciplines: Subject shows very strong talent in mentally breaking others' will. Subject is a telepath of some skill, but has little knowledge of auras or clairvoiance. Subject has little knowledge of the Malkavian disciplines of insanity, but has already proven himself willing to use what he does know as a weapon. Subject is a novice at hiding himself from view, but subject's other disciplines make him a flight risk. Subject is very fast and very strong. Recommend First Team guards.

Known Disorders: Suffers from schizophrenia. Shows positive and negative symptoms. Incurable. Suspected Antisocial Personality Disorder.
Delusions: Believes Elizabeth Silver to be related in some way to his dead wife. Was captured by Ms. Silver during an attempted murder. Also believes Ziodex CEO Selene Karras to be behind "spying" at Frost Industries. Is developing a new delusion regarding the Company: Believes Company employees are all being controlled by Director Kevin Hawking via an electronic chip in the employee's brain.

Note: Examiner has advised Director In Charge to warn both Ms. Silver and Mrs. Karras. Subject shows unusually high mental strength and potential for violence. Examiner has also placed orders that no employee is to enter subject's room without First Team backup.

Subject shows extreme violent tendencies directed toward others, especially young women, ages 20-35, with dark hair and eyes, of Spanish or European descent. Subject is unpredictable around children.

Test Results: An unknown strain of DNA was found in subject's blood sample. Unknown strain stimulates subject's immune response, mental ability, and daytime activity level. Hypothesis is as follows:

1) Per Test 1A - Causes subject to be immune to normal method of blood bonding. Subject's immune response destroys bonding properties of vampiric blood. Per this immune response, subject is unable to create "ghouls" and creating vampires has a 70% failure rate.
2) Per Test 1B - Subject does not require eye or skin contact to perform telepathy or minor acts of mental domination. (Victim is able to break subject's hold fairly easily when no eye or skin contact is used) Effect seems to be limited to 100 yards.
3) Per Test 1C - Subject is active during daylight hours and seems to sleep out of habit only. Conversely, sunlight seems to be slightly more effective on the subject, perhaps due to subject's albinism.

Examiner Recommendations: Subject is too unstable to be allowed out of ward without Company control. Subject would immediately seek retribution against the Company, Ms. Silver, and Mrs. Karras. However, subject's blood test indicates that he would be far more valuable remaining as he is, rather than being "cured" of the unknown strain. Therefore, examiner recommends a vampire of the Board place hypnotic controls on the subject, and a strong aversion to Ms. Silver and Mrs. Karras.

End of File

Per Director Hawking: To be copied and distributed to Elizabeth Silver, SSS, and Selene Karras, Ziodex


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