Aug. 5th, 2010

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10. Character Dossier: This week I am going to borrow a prompt from one of our affiliate communities, [ profile] charloft . since it was really fabulous! Show us your Muse's home. You can show us a floorplans or layout of your muse's home or describe their home in detail. Better, still do both! Show us the home in which they live, the town, the furnishings and use as much detail as possible. Give us the grand tour!

((We are, for the moment, pretending the pictures show damage from at least 200 years of neglect! The up-to-date, fully restored pictures will be used later, for plots, so they're important!))

Moulins, France

For as long as any of the locals can remember, Château de Moulins has been a sinister place. If a visitor is lucky, in a dark corner of the local tavern, they'll hear tales of the de Moulins family fit to send icy tendrils of fear up the spines of the bravest of American tourists. Tales of greed and devil worship, of witchcraft and vampires, and of the French Revolution which drove the de Moulins from the castle and left it to rot with time. An extremely lucky visitor might even get the grand tour from the caretaker himself.
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