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**I cannot believe I have to say this, but here ya go. IF YOU USE THIS CHARACTER'S ICONS, I EXPECT CREDIT! ALL the icons were made by me, except where noted otherwise. DO NOT STEAL, please.**

Adrien Griffon

Name: Adrien Griffon

Age: 471

Born: December 21, 1537

Race: Vampire

Clan: Malkavian

Nature: Rogue - Only one thing matters to the Rogue: herself. To each his own, and if others cannot protect their claims, they have no right to them. The Rogue is not necessarily a thug or bully, however. She simply refuses to succumb to the whims of others. Rogues almost universally possess a sense of self-sufficiency. They have their own best interests in mind at all times. Prostitutes, capitalists and criminals all embody the Rogue Archetype.

Demeanor: Deviant - The Deviant is a freak, ostracized from society by unique tastes that place her outside the mainstream. Deviants are not indolent rebels or shiftless "unrecognized geniuses"; rather, they are independent thinkers who don't quite fit in the status quo. Deviant Archetypes often feel that the world stands against them, and as such reject traditional morality. Some have bizarre tastes, preferences and ideologies. Extremists, eccentric celebrities and straight-out weirdoes are Deviant Archetypes.

Generation: Adrien has diablerized at least one powerful elder vampire. He was 7th generation before his recent diablerie of Victoria, a powerful Malkavian elder. His generation and power, therefore, are misleading for one of his age. He is most likely considered 6th generation now.

Description: Adrien is short, only 5’4”. His skin is very pale, nearly translucent. His hair is pure white. His eyes are a very pale blue. They are very sensitive to bright light, so he often wears sunglasses indoors. He is lean and lithe, built like a gymnast or a swimmer. Generally when he has to dress up, he prefers expensive suits tailored to his small frame, though often he has them tailored to the style of previous centuries, especially the 1850s, which were his favorite time in men’s fashion. He goes without the hat though. It would mess up his hair. For more informal occasions, he goes with loose-fitting jeans, a black leather belt, a white silk button-up shirt with loose-fitting sleeves, mid-calf length black leather boots, and a black leather motorcycle jacket. He is never unarmed. He carries a pistol, although he finds guns distasteful. He also carries several daggers hidden in his jacket, pants, boots, and fitted more decoratively on his belt.

Mental Disorders:Located in this post

Disciplines:Located in this post

Note: His blood has undergone certain changes due to his bond with Roman (who is now dead). First, their bond did not degrade with time. Now that Roman is dead, these changes to Adrien's blood remain in effect. Very advanced magic or vampire mind tricks may remove the hybrid's taint from Adrien's blood, but time and Roman's death have not. Second, his blood heals mortals, but due to the bond with Roman it does not turn them into ghouls. Also due to this, it takes a lot of his blood to turn a mortal and the mortal must be near death. Third, like Roman used to, he does not "die" during the day. He sleeps during the day out of habit, but can work during the day if he must, as long as he is protected from the sun.

~ He is highly photosensitive. Sunlight is lethal to him. Bright light hurts his eyes. He often wears sunglasses in rooms lit to mortal standards because the light hurts his eyes. Also, nights when the moon shines brightly can be uncomfortable for him.
~ He can be killed by decapitation, destruction of his heart, cremation, or loss of too much blood. Staking paralyzes him.
~ He is subject to violent shifts in mood.
~ He is addicted to vampire blood.
~ When hungry, he can go insane temporarily.
~ He sometimes hears what he calls “voices”, thoughts, feelings, and even full hallucinations unrelated to his telepathic skill. See the post on “Mental Disorders” for more info. He sometimes mistakes the Malkavian Madness Network for these voices, but they are two distinct phenomena.

History: Adrien, born Adrien Molyneux, was the younger son of a noble in southern France. In his mortal life, his favorite pastime was hunting the deer on his family’s land. When he was a young adult, he was married to a girl from a Spanish noble family. He and his wife had four children before she died of influenza, two sons and two daughters. The oldest boy was 12 when he was sent to the castle of a richer noble as a page. He died during a period of particularly bloody infighting between Protestants and Catholics in France. Adrien’s other children were younger and much closer to home at this time, and thus witnessed their father’s bitter grief. He spent more time away from home after his oldest son’s death, often hunting till well into the night.

Adrien was out hunting late that fateful night. When he returned to his family’s small estate, he found his servants butchered like cattle outside his house. Inside, his children were screaming in the nursery while a scrawny, wraith-like creature beat on the locked door of the nursery. Hearing Adrien, it turned on him and pinned him down while it bit into his shoulder with its fangs and drank his blood. Panicked, he bit down on the creature’s wrist in an effort to force it to release him. He bit easily through the creature’s thin skin and ended up swallowing some of the creature’s foul blood. Frightened, the vampire fled, leaving a dying, changing Adrien in the house with his children the only living humans on the estate.

When Adrien woke the next night, he was a mindless fiend much like his creator. His children had put him to bed and fell asleep around him. He slew them in their sleep, butchered them much like his creator had butchered the servants. He still has nightmares of their cries and half-remembered visions of their lifeless forms in his blood-covered hands. It never fails to enrage him.

For nearly a hundred years after his “birth”, he wandered mainland Europe, a mindless, merciless killer. His awakening came in the year 1628 in Dresden, Germany. In those early years he remembered nothing of the first hundred years of his vampire life and believed his creator responsible for his children’s deaths. He learned the assassin and the hunter’s trade from any who would teach him. He became a lethal killer of anything supernatural, and often took contracts from the church to kill vampires and other unclean monsters from the streets. He seldom stayed in one spot long and tried very hard to keep his name from becoming too infamous or widespread. He never stopped looking for his creator.

In the mid-1800s, he moved overseas to America. He’d long since given up hope he’d find his creator and instead focused on his trade, using his skill at killing vampires and other supernatural predators to acquire power in the vampire underworld of America. It was during this time that his nature, which had thus far remained dormant since his awakening, began to reemerge in the form of nightmares, increased mental sensitivity, and “voices” it seemed only he could hear.

Now, he has arrived in LA, looking for a bit of fun and a bit of power. He cares little for the mortals around him, though he has ever respected them more than others of his own kind. What he does care about is sating his bloodlust. He grows ever more violent as his nightmares grow stronger and the “voices” in his head grow ever louder. Is he going insane? It is a question he won’t allow anyone to find the answer to.

Roman Ivanov: Roman and Adrien shared a very strong mental bond since just after Adrien regained his sanity. Roman started out as a Russian villager who was bitten by a werewolf and turned, some thousand years ago. Later, a family curse took hold of him on his 45th birthday, turning him into a vampire. Half werewolf, half vampire, he was kicked out of his pack and chased away by the vampire prince of the region. When he met Adrien, he was very nearly killed, as Adrien was not trusting of any supernatural creature. However, Roman's naive and trusting nature won him out and the two were quickly as close as brothers.

Roman was killed by Adrien's sire just after his arrival in Los Angeles. The severing of their connection is causing Adrien severe mental trauma and emotional pain. Now Adrien has vowed revenge on his sire.
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