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Saturday December 22, 1546

Why'd I hafta be born different, anyways?

Jean-Paul says I scared the buck away. I didn't see it! Really! Stupid antlers made it look like one of the trees. I did shoot a rabbit, but Jean-Paul says I can't come hunting with him again. I slugged him and father whipped me, but it wasn't my fault. Older brothers should be made to take their younger brothers hunting. The only reason the king hasn't made it a law is because he doesn't have an older brother! I'm going to teach Belle to be the best hunting hound, and then they'll see! I'll shoot that boar that's been rooting around in our fields.

Mother was coughing up blood today. She thought I couldn't see. I asked the doctor about it, and he reassured me that everything was okay. Adults do that when something is wrong. He tried blood-letting today, but mother just passed out. The doctor says that when she wakes, she'll be better. I hope so.

I was trying to teach Belle to chase some stupid pigeon, but all she wants to do is play with it. Father whipped me again for killing one of his pigeons, but how am I supposed to teach Belle to be a good hunting hound if she doesn't have anything to hunt? Mother made me promise to mind father. I don't want to. He doesn't understand.

I'm taking Belle hunting tomorrow. If I'm not allowed to teach her at home, I've got to find rabbits for her to practice with!
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Friday December 21, 1546

I turned nine today. That didn't stop Monsieur Laurent from demanding I read Plautus along with my brothers. Who cares if some Roman guy wrote plays? I would rather have been outside training Belle (father let me choose a puppy from the new litter!) but instead I was stuck in the musty old library from dawn until dusk with old Monsieur Laurent. Who cares about Latin, anyways?

Mother is still sick. A new doctor came to look at her (all the way from Paris!). He gave her something which smelled very strong and seemed to only make her feel worse. Father Roux says I should pray for her. I do, but God must have quit listening, because mother is getting sicker.

Jean-Paul says I can come with him tomorrow when he goes hunting! He won't let me practice with his new musket, but I've been practicing with father's old crossbow and my aim isn't too bad! I almost hit the sapling he told me to aim for. The bolt scared the cook's old cat (but who cares about that mangy flea-bag, anyway?)

Well, I have to go. More tomorrow after my hunting trip!

~Adrien Donatien Jacques de Moulins (ha! Andre said I couldn't spell Jacques!)

((Mun's Note: This is part of a (hopefully) ongoing series focused on Adrien's childhood, before he was a vampire. The setting is Moulins, France. The date will be posted))


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