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Subject: 243.45A
Name: Adrien Donatien de Moulins
Aliases: Adrien Molyneux, Donatien Molyneux, Adrien de Moulins, Adrien de Moulines, Adrien de Molineus, Adrien d'Evereux, Donatien d'Evereux, Adrien de Beauvais, Adrien Trotteur, Donatien Trotteur, Adrien Griffon
DOB: December 21, 1537
Age: 472 
Sex: Male 
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135 lbs
Race: White
Nationality: French

Species: Vampire
Clan: Malkavian
Generation (approx.): 6th
Known Disciplines: Subject shows very strong talent in mentally breaking others' will. Subject is a telepath of some skill, but has little knowledge of auras or clairvoiance. Subject has little knowledge of the Malkavian disciplines of insanity, but has already proven himself willing to use what he does know as a weapon. Subject is a novice at hiding himself from view, but subject's other disciplines make him a flight risk. Subject is very fast and very strong. Recommend First Team guards.

Known Disorders: Suffers from schizophrenia. Shows positive and negative symptoms. Incurable. Suspected Antisocial Personality Disorder.
Delusions: Believes Elizabeth Silver to be related in some way to his dead wife. Was captured by Ms. Silver during an attempted murder. Also believes Ziodex CEO Selene Karras to be behind "spying" at Frost Industries. Is developing a new delusion regarding the Company: Believes Company employees are all being controlled by Director Kevin Hawking via an electronic chip in the employee's brain.

Note: Examiner has advised Director In Charge to warn both Ms. Silver and Mrs. Karras. Subject shows unusually high mental strength and potential for violence. Examiner has also placed orders that no employee is to enter subject's room without First Team backup.

Subject shows extreme violent tendencies directed toward others, especially young women, ages 20-35, with dark hair and eyes, of Spanish or European descent. Subject is unpredictable around children.

Test Results: An unknown strain of DNA was found in subject's blood sample. Unknown strain stimulates subject's immune response, mental ability, and daytime activity level. Hypothesis is as follows:

1) Per Test 1A - Causes subject to be immune to normal method of blood bonding. Subject's immune response destroys bonding properties of vampiric blood. Per this immune response, subject is unable to create "ghouls" and creating vampires has a 70% failure rate.
2) Per Test 1B - Subject does not require eye or skin contact to perform telepathy or minor acts of mental domination. (Victim is able to break subject's hold fairly easily when no eye or skin contact is used) Effect seems to be limited to 100 yards.
3) Per Test 1C - Subject is active during daylight hours and seems to sleep out of habit only. Conversely, sunlight seems to be slightly more effective on the subject, perhaps due to subject's albinism.

Examiner Recommendations: Subject is too unstable to be allowed out of ward without Company control. Subject would immediately seek retribution against the Company, Ms. Silver, and Mrs. Karras. However, subject's blood test indicates that he would be far more valuable remaining as he is, rather than being "cured" of the unknown strain. Therefore, examiner recommends a vampire of the Board place hypnotic controls on the subject, and a strong aversion to Ms. Silver and Mrs. Karras.

End of File

Per Director Hawking: To be copied and distributed to Elizabeth Silver, SSS, and Selene Karras, Ziodex


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